Speed dating Melbourne – Single Events for all ethnic communities of Melbourne. We are the first and only dating company catering exclusively to the ethnic singles of Melbourne. Melbourne is a cosmopolitan city with a strong ethnic population. The dating environment in Melbourne needs to cater for an ever increasing ethnic population. We cater for your desire to find a partner within your own community.

Our Events

Cultural, Religious and Country Specific Events    

We provide events for all ethnic cultural and religious groups based in Melbourne. We listen to your requests and we also regularly look through our registration database prior to listing our events. It is crucial to register and be included in our database.  Register Now

We hold events based on different regions such as Asian, Indian Sub-continent, European Mediterranean, Middle Eastern etc, different cultural groups, religious groups such as Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist etc, different countries and other requested events. We believe that love can be found at any age and with this in mind our events cater for all age groups including mature age groups.  

Melbourne Speed dating events are the perfect place to meet many singles just like you searching for a culturally compatible partner. As most communities are scattered throughout Melbourne our Melbourne Single Events are held over weekends for your convenience. This way you don’t need to rush to an event after work and you will be refreshed to make the best first impressions.

Type of Events

The Single Events we hold are speed dating events, exclusive private by invitation only events, private dinner events as well as Singles parties. Speed dating events are an ideal way to meet many singles within a short space of time under one roof. This will give the singles a better chance of meeting a loving, compatible partner.  

Ticket Categories

Research indicates that some singles prefer to bring a friend or family member along with them to attend an event. This in mind our speed dating events have 2 ticket categories. Participating ticket holders can take part in the dating event while non-Participating /Spectator ticket holders will be seated at a designated area within the venue.    


Events geared towards your needs to find your ideal partner


Events for all ages as love can be found at any age


Exclusive by Invitation Only events based on your requirements

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