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7 ice breakers for Asian Singles on a first Date

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You are on a date with an Asian Single and your heart is racing and your mind goes blank! Here are some tips to get the ball rolling.


Admit that you are nervous

being honest this way can be an excellent ice breaker. The chances are your date will be feeling the same way and acknowledging this will open the door for more conversation.

Ask him/her about their day 

a simple ice breaker but it works. This gets the conversation started and this gives your date a chance to talk freely about something that is not too personal. It’s best to stick to light, non-personal topics in the beginning. The more, free flowing conversation there is the more rapport you build.

Things you like about Melbourne 

Again light-hearted banter about all the places and activities your date likes about the city. Is there somewhere your date hasn’t explored but wants to visit and can you take him/her there.😊

Study or Work 

This could easily be an Asian Single’s favourite topic. You will give your date an opportunity to talk about how passionate he or she is about her career. This will also give you an idea of your date’s future plans.

Talking about family 

Asian singles tend to be very family orientated and would love to talk about their families. You will get to know the people closest to her in her life.

What is the one thing you did as a child you miss doing today 

Playful, light hearted topic that will draw out the child in your date. Who knows you might have a childhood passion that is common for both of you.

Talking about the favourites 

Asian Singles would love to talk about their favourites such as their favourite food, their favourite movie or their favourite movie star. This is another light hearted and fun topic which will give you some insights into your date. Once you know some of the favourite things your date loves to do you can plan your next date around his or her favourite thing. Your chance to get a gold star for listening and putting your date first.

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