Sri Lankan Singles

8 reasons why Sri Lankans make the best soulmates

Sri Lankan Singles
  1. Sri Lankans make strangers feel like family

Sri Lankans have the amazing knack for making you feel at home. Sri Lankan hospitality is second to none. They have a way of making you feel welcome and safe. Friends and family often visit without an invitation and at times unannounced. They extend this hospitality to strangers and treat people warmly.

2. Sri Lankans are nurturing

Sri Lankans love to keep people close to their hearts and enjoy caring for others. They are by nature constantly supportive of their loved ones. When you are with a Sri Lankan you don’t feel alone and the family including the extended family will work together as a unit to achieve each other’s goals and dreams. 

3. Family is number one

Sri Lankans are very family orientated and family comes first for Sri Lankans. Sri Lankans place family at the centre of their focus and values. Anyone who joins a Sri Lankan family is seamlessly integrated into the family. Sri Lankans love children and tend to have strong, supportive families. This includes not only the nuclear family but also the extended family. The best thing of having family orientated partners is that they tend to hang around not only in good times but also in bad times. Even when the circumstances aren’t ideal such a partner will be there for you.

4. Sri Lankans take commitment seriously

Sri Lankans tend to be in committed relationships and they highly value commitment. Sri Lankans are well known for committing early when they meet the right partner. This is not a culture that wait for years and years getting to know somebody before committing. When they see what they want they commit, commit, commit 😊

5. Sri Lankan singles are happy people

Sri Lankan singles are always happy. They are always up for a laugh and their joyful nature is contagious. Sri Lanka is known as the smiling nation and this is completely befitting of Sri Lankans. If you see someone who smiles a lot the chances are that person is a Sri Lankan. This is a great quality Sri Lankans have and if you are with one then be assured of fun and laughter in your life.  

6. Sri Lankan singles are generous

Sri Lankans are amazingly generous people and generosity plays a major role in their lives. According to CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) world Giving Index, Sri Lanka is the 8 th most generous country in the world. This is not surprising as Sri Lankans readily help strangers, make donations to orphanages, old age homes etc. During special events in their lives such as birthdays Sri Lankans prefer to give food and gifts to the needy instead of lavishly pampering themselves.  They genuinely care about the welfare of others and are inclined to carry out regular acts of kindness.  This makes Sri Lankans such a unique culture.

7. “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” (Oscar Wilde)

Sri Lankan singles imbue simplicity, authenticity and are easy to get along with as people. Sri Lankan singles in general have a non- complicated nature about them. They tend to value simplicity in their lives and are authentic individuals. They are down to earth, modest people.  This makes them approachable and endearing individuals. Their authentic nature makes it easy to make a deeper connection with them.

8. Sri Lankans give it to you straight

Sri Lankans are honest and forthright in their observations of you. They never hold back and you will always know where you stand with them 😊

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