Singles Events in Melbourne

OFFER First time attendees to our events get 50% off (no free drinks with this offer) - Please select the First Time Attendee Prices when placing your booking

Single Events Melbourne
  • We hold boutique dating events where you get to meet singles within a certain cultural or religious group.
  • During the event you will get a chance to speak to every single attending the event.
  • After the event we will have a mixer with a free drink on us with more time to socialise with each other.
  • We allow a 24 hour window after an event for singles to get in touch with us in case they want to include more ticks on their match cards. Strictly available for attendees who have handed their match card to us on the evening of the event.
  • Singles who participate in our events will be offered the option to give further details on the type of partner they are looking for and this information will assist us in organising by invitation only events. These are more specialised and tailor made to your specific needs. The events could range from smaller exclusive lunches/dinners to an activity based event to a smaller speed dating event.
  • Whilst you attend our speed dating events meeting new people and increasing your chances of meeting someone special we will also work behind the scenes to increase your chances further of meeting that special someone with by invitation only events.
Single Events Melbourne

Age – We allow up to 3 years age leeway for our events. If you are up to 3 years younger or 3 years older than the listed age group you can still book into an event.

OFFER first time attendees to our events get 50% off  (no free drinks included with this offer)- Please Select First time Attendee Prices when booking

Our past Events – European Singles Events, Indian Sub-continent events, Asian events, Sri Lankan events

Ticket Categories

1. Participating Tickets – These ticket holders will be participating in the dating event. These tickets can only be booked strictly by singles within the cultural group or other criteria mentioned as a requirement for attendance. 

2. Non-Participating / Spectator Tickets – These ticket holders cannot Participate in the dating event and will be seated at a designated area within the venue.  These ticket holders need not be from the cultural group or age group as advertised.

The spectator tickets can be used if you would like to bring a friend along who doesn’t want to take part in the dating event but would like to be there to give you some moral support. Alternatively if you would like to attend a speed dating event but unsure as to what happens at such an event you can come along to have a look prior to attending a future event. Please note once again that if you purchase a spectator ticket on the day you won’t be able to participate in the dating event.


Event Details

Venue – The Bank on Collins Restaurant, Ground Floor, 394 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3004

Event Times – Saturdays – 3 pm – 5.30 pm 

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