Speed Dating Melbourne FAQ

Why should I come to a speed dating event?

Why wouldn’t you want to be in a place where everyone is a possibility for you? You will meet many potential partners on the night. One needs to be proactive in finding a partner. What are the chances of you meeting your Mr Right if you stay at home! You need to give love a helping hand. You need to put yourself out there and why not at an event where you get to meet and chat one on one to 20-30 potential partners.


Why are speed dates so quick?

Speed dating is a way to meet a lot of eligible singles in one place. It is a quick introduction to lots of singletons who are looking for love just like you. By keeping each date to a few minutes you are given the opportunity to meet many singletons. First impressions do count and you can get an idea during each date whether you would like to meet up with a person again or not. After you click with the person you can meet with him/her on dates where you get to know the person a lot better. 

Should I only tick one person?

It is possible for you to make a very strong connection with one person only during the event. However we strongly recommend that you tick a few dates as you may not know the strength of a connection within a few short minutes. You need to spend a lot more time with someone for true love to blossom.

It is best that you are open to meeting at least a few people after the event to see where it goes. Even grabbing a quick coffee with a few dates would give you a better chance of meeting the one. These events can lead to not only finding the one but making new friends. One never knows where a friendship can lead you. Even if there is the slightest spark go ahead and tick that person. Dating is truly a numbers game.

Is it possible to find lasting love through speed dating events?

Many people have gone on to develop lasting relationships and marriages through speed dating events. Whilst a speed dating event is a fun, light hearted event it gives a platform for you to meet many potential partners.

It is the time you spend getting to know someone after the event that will cement the bond for you and determine whether you are compatible with each other.  


What Type of People can I expect to meet at a speed dating event?

People who attend these events are friendly, smart, approachable individuals just like you. They are looking for love just like you too.

How long does a speed dating event last?

Speed dating events last around 2.5 hours. This includes registration, breaks in the middle and the speed dates. You are encouraged to stay back and mingle after the event.

What is a Spectator/Non-Participating Ticket?

If a participant wants to bring along someone for moral support but that person does not want to take part in dating. It could also be for someone who is curious about speed dating and wants to see what speed dating is about. These tickets do not allow the participants to take part in dating as such the Spectator tickets can be purchased by people who aren’t within the cultural/ethnic group of the event.