What is Speed dating?

We specialise in boutique speed dating events bringing together groups of culturally compatible singles looking for a partner. We organise small, intimate speed dating events catering to different cultural or religious backgrounds.

Speed dating in Melbourne gives you the opportunity to meet Singles from the same cultural/religious background looking for love. At one of our events you will get to meet on average 10-15 singletons looking for love just like you. You will get the opportunity to have a one on one chat in succession with each one lasting between 7 -10 minutes. There will be up to 2 breaks during the event which will give you more time to mingle with the other singletons.

How is works


When you arrive at the venue you will be greeted by your friendly host conducting the event. Your host will register you for the event and will go through how the event works. You will be given a name tag and a matching card to use during the event to tick who you will like to see after the event. You are then free to grab a drink or a quick snack before the speed dating starts. You might be nervous but remember everyone else is in the same boat as you.

The Speed dating

The ladies will be seated at their respective tables with the guys being guided to sit at their respective tables. Your host will assist you with this. Throughout the event the ladies will remain seated while the guys will be circulating between the tables.

During the event you have one to one dates that will last approximately 7 – 10 minutes. At the end of each date you can tick your matching card if you are interested in your date and would like to see him/her in the future. A bell will be rung at the end of each date to indicate when to move to the next table.

Depending on the number of singletons present there will be 1 or 2 breaks during the event. Please use this valuable time to grab a drink or a snack and mingle more with the others. If there is someone you had a spark with make a bee line to chat to him/her.

At the end of the event please hand over your matching card to your host and feel free to mingle at the bar some more with the other singletons and enjoy the rest of the evening.         

Post Event

We will email you with your matches within 48 hours after the event. A match is when both parties have ticked on their matching cards their mutual interest in each other. Your contact information will be shared with each other. This could be both your emails or mobiles or just your emails. On your matching card you can indicate which contact details you want shared with your matches. All that is now left is for both of you to get in touch with each other and go on your first date.

Speed dating Melbourne