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By purchasing a place for an event, you agree that

  1. You are over 18 years of age
  2. You are single, divorced or separated and therefore capable of entering into a relationship
  3. If a Participating Ticket is purchased you agree that you are within the cultural group or any other criteria mentioned as a requirement for attendance.
  4. You agree that you are within the age group as advertised

Event Attendance

  1. Entry to the event is at our and the management of the venue’s discretion. Anyone drunk, dressed inappropriately or acting in an abusive manner may be prevented from attending the event at our discretion. No refunds or compensation will be given to anyone prevented from attending an event.
  2. Participating ticket holders need to be within the cultural group/any other criteria mentioned as a requirement for attendance. Anyone not found to be adhering to this will not be allowed to attend the event and no refunds or compensation will be offered.
  3. We reserve the right to ask for I.D. at our discretion when you attend an event.

Refunds and Transfers

  1. No refunds will be provided if you cannot attend an event. Credit for a future event maybe given at our discretion provided we are given at least 7 days notice.
  2. Transfer of the ticket to a friend/family member is possible at our discretion provided this person falls within the requirements of the event i.e. cultural group and age criteria of the event. We need a minimum 24 hour notice for a transfer of a ticket to another person.
  3. If we cancel an event a refund or credit will be provided for another event.
  4. We reserve the right to move an event date to another date. Refunds or transfers maybe given should you prefer not to attend this date unless the reason for that change is outside our control such as but not limited to bad weather, venue cancellations, power cuts etc. Once notified of such a change you will be given 24 hours to let us know whether you will prefer a refund. After this period refunds are at our discretion.
  5. We reserve the right to move the event to another venue within a reasonable distance to the original venue.


  1. We accept no Liability to any losses suffered by attending any of our events.
  2. We accept no Liability for any physical, emotional distress or any other issue that may befall you at any point in the future from someone you met through attending one of our events.
  3. We are not liable to verify any personal details of the attendees including but not limited to their marital status or any other personal information.