Mauritian Singles

What makes Mauritian singles from the paradise Island of Mauritius so unique

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Mauritian Singles radiate warmth – They have a friendly, easy going, “joie de vivre” nature  and their French accents which makes them so attractive. You will never find people friendlier nor more relaxed than Mauritians.  Mauritians love life and take pleasure in enjoying simple things in life. Mauritians take their time with having a casual […]

Greek Dating Melbourne

6 Best places to meet a Greek Single in Melbourne

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Melbourne has one of the largest Greek speaking populations outside Greece. So where can you meet a Greek Single? Charity – How about volunteering for a Greek charity in Melbourne such as the Helenic Heart Initiative or a Greek not for profit such as the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria. Volunteering for such […]

Indian Dating

The 6 Best Places to Meet Singles from the Indian Sub-continent in Melbourne

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  Join Social activities in areas with a high density of people from the Indian Sub-continent – placing yourself where other singles from your cultural group live as well as joining a social event is key to meeting Singles eg: a cooking class in Dandenong or a group fitness class in Noble Park. Constantly placing […]