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The 6 Best Places to Meet Singles from the Indian Sub-continent in Melbourne

Indian Dating


Join Social activities in areas with a high density of people from the Indian Sub-continent –

placing yourself where other singles from your cultural group live as well as joining a social event is key to meeting Singles eg: a cooking class in Dandenong or a group fitness class in Noble Park. Constantly placing yourself where other singles like you will spend their time is key to finding a partner.


Attend Festivals where you get a chance to interact with others –

Events held around Holi festival would be ideal as not only do you get to meet Indian singles you get to build rapport with them too. Vesak day events held around Melbourne is great for Sri Lankan singles to meet new people.

Taking up activities wherever you live relevant to your culture – 

such as a Bollywood class, a Tamil, Hindi or Sinhala language class for adults, yoga or Vipassana meditation classes etc.


Join Facebook groups relevant to your cultural group – 

such as Indian, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi  groups living in Melbourne and attend events they post. This is a great way to meet Indian Singles or Sri Lankan Singles or Bangladeshi Singles living in Melbourne.

Join meetup groups for Singles from the Indian region

-such as Events for Melbourne Singles from the Indian Sub-continent.


Attend a speed dating event specifically for Singles from the Indian Sub-continent in Melbourne

–  where you can meet singles just like you, looking for love. Walk into a room where everyone is a possibility for you.